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We provide a quick and affordable air conditioning responsive repair service. We also do emergency repair service for critical applications such as server rooms, with a 24hr emergency contact number. We also provide schedule maintenance packages, so your system is serviced at regular intervals to keep the systems working efficiently, avoiding costly breakdowns.

We repair and maintain the leading brands, our air conditioning company is situated in the central London but we also repair air conditioning systems near the London area so it doesn’t matter where you are situated we can come and repair your system with no problem.

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We have experience in installing most systems from single spilt systems up to multi VRV systems, in a range of applications from domestic, commercial and industrial; we use the leading brands on the market. Our installation team are friendly and efficient.

We can carry out the installation with minim disruption; our aim when it comes to installing your air conditioning system is that you are happy with your air conditioning unit and that you have no worries about the installation or the working of the unit. We carry out the installation in all of the London area and surroundings. The units we install produces both cooling and heating, and the products are inverter driving meaning that they are more efficient and require less electricity to run them, so you won´t receive a massive electric bill.

Al our engineers have had years of experience in this line of work, we just don´t install air conditioning systems but we also maintain them as well and just for a little bit more a month we can come and make sure that your system is working correctly.

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