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23rd June 2016

Spotlight Installation

STEPS to follow to install a surface mounted SPOTLIGHT in your kitchen:

  1. Safety first. Do this task during day light to take advantage of natural light. Turn off the electrical power to make sure that there is no problem.
  2. Remove lamp or current lighting.
  3. Place mounting plate on the ceiling. In the downlight package you will find a white plate. Place the plate on the ceiling and mark it with a pencil where the holes will go. Drill and fit in the long screws.
  4. Join the cables. Best using an electric block. If you have not got it then strip the cables and join them together with an electrical tape (forbidden by REBT)
  5. Place the spotlight. Choose the position where it match the holes of the mounting plate and put the small screws.

You can now turn on the light and test your new lighting.

Place the spotlight on the mounted plate, only for plaster and plasterboard ceilings.

Tools to use

  1. Adjustable corona of the spotlight according to the diameter (recommended Crown with collection of dust).
  2. Drill 3. Pencil 4. Flat screwdriver

Prepares the Crown to fit the spotlight, mark with a pencil where the holes will go and if the ceiling is plasterboard it is advisable to have a metal detector or a magnet to locate the plasterboard profiles and thus avoid cutting the plasterboard frame. Once the holes are made, then place the screws which comes with the spotlight through the joint connector, then plug in the spotlight and press it to the ceiling until it is perfectly in line with the ceiling.