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12th April 2016

Halogen Lamps

Every day we are more aware of energy savings and the consequences that this implies for the conservation of the environment. If you want to contribute a bit, we will explain the types of halogen lamps and their advantages and disadvantages.

Luminous devices have evolved enormously since the invention of the incandescent lamp in 1878 and its follower, the fluorescent tube in 1939.

Today, we can count on other lighting models which provide a greater intensity and have lower power consumption. It is the case of halogen lamps, created by American electrician engineers in 1959; they represent a smaller and efficient solution if we compare them with the previous ones.

If you are thinking about changing the lighting in your home, then you will find the clue on the types of halogen lamps, their advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, if it is needed, you can count on LondonElectricityService.co.uk that offers the security for this type of work that we always leave it for later.

What is the composition of a halogen lamp?

We can find different types of halogen lamps according to the size, shape or power, but they all have a structure very similar to the common incandescent lamps. They consist of a tube of glass, halogen gas, a tungsten filament, a support and external connections.

When buying a halogen lamp, you can find them in a shaped capsule or standard and dichroic reflector or linear.

Pros and cons of halogen lamps

The most important advantages are:

  1. The light emitted is a 30% whiter and brighter.
  2. Its size is smaller.
  3. They require less power to operate and, therefore, consume less energy.
  4. The light intensity is not weakened with the passage of time, thanks to tungsten vapours which prevent the glass getting dark
  5. Its life is much longer.

Regarding the disadvantages which are far less less, we can mention the following:

  1. They may produce a lot of heat.
  2. They emit ultraviolet radiation, so if we are going to use the halogen lamp in a direct position towards our body we have to use protective measures.

Once you know the types of halogen lamps, both its benefits as disadvantages, it is in your hand the decision to choose these or other older ones which does not offer the same benefits.